Harvey Mackay

Harvey Mackay Keynotes - Keynotes by Harvey Mackay discuss the need to experience failures in order to realize what has been...

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Harvey Mackay holds a focus on the ability to stay competitive without sacrificing personal integrity or that of others. Overcoming obstacles at any level of seniority of hierarchy or any position in a field can be daunting and stressful. The strength in facing problems head on shows persistence and strong leadership. His speech is encouraging, reminding the audience that successful people do not go without adversity.

Using the life of Abraham Lincoln as a motivational driving force, he urges the audience to push forward. President Lincoln experienced consistent failure from 1832 to 1859. However, his persistence and ambition paid off. Mackay presents the importance of believing in yourself, even when no one else does. He ends effectively saying, "If we want to triple our success ratio, we might have to triple our failure rate."