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Euvin Naidoo

Euvin Naidoo Keynotes - The Euvin Naidoo speeches explore the opportunities available for Western investment in Africa.... Need Inspiration?

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In this speech, economist, banker and sustainability expert Euvin Naidoo discusses the opportunities for investment in Africa. Referencing a variety of facts, figures and statistics, Euvin Naidoo demonstrates why the future is shaping up for the countries of Africa.

While many perceive Africa to be a burden for the world's economy, Euvin Naidoo encourages his audience to start viewing these perceived obstacles as opportunities. He explains why investors and politicians must dismiss the 'curse of commodities' and start looking into other industries such as agriculture and technology if African economies are to become sustainable. He provides examples of countries that are moving into new territory, such as Egypt with its launch of a new industrial movement. Euvin Naidoo's speech presents a fresh perspective and insightful research concerning the potential growth of African markets and economies.