Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes Keynotes - The Marian Bantjes speeches bring to light the importance of embracing ideas that are meaningful and... Need Inspiration?

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The idea that work which is personally significant and meaningful to an individual will then in turn become meaningful to others is explored in a fostering inspiration speech given by typographer Marian Bantjes.

Using a series of poems, love letters and food, the speaker investigates the numerous sources that exist in which one can find inspiration to accomplish something that they will be proud of and those who see it will be wowed by.

She promotes the importance of taking risks and staying true to one's heart and explains that when one is passionate about a project the end results are typically far more successful than when they do not.

This fostering inspiration speech promotes the belief that opening oneself up to the things that they are naturally drawn to and then acting upon that inspiration will ultimately bring them success.