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Wainwright Yu

Wainwright Yu Keynotes - The keynotes by Wainwright Yu offer an alternate look into the old saying and life motto 'Do what... Need Inspiration?

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In this finding happiness keynote, Wainwright Yu -- a Sr. Product Manager at Amazon, offers his audience a more practical path to happiness in life. While the majority of individuals emphasize the need to "do what makes you happy" as a means of living a satisfying and fulfilling life, Yu believes that this is not the way to go. He believes that a more practical approach is to avoid having regrets.

Avoiding regret allows individuals to control the negative feelings experienced when a bad decision has been made. Yu frames this approach using five different mindsets, which include: default toward action, give it your best shot, focus and commit, deadlines are your friend and don't look back. If one can avoid regret throughout the important periods and decisions of one's life, it is very likely that he or she will end up happier in the end.