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Leonard Brody

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In this entrepreneurial qualities speech, innovator and entrepreneur Leonard Brody explains how intelligence isn't always the necessary ingredient to create a successful business from scratch. In fact, he argues that tenacity and the willingness to take huge risks is what sets apart successful entrepreneurs from everyone else.

While modern education paradigms continue to be largely built around the evaluation of a pupil's intelligence, Brody believes that being smart in the classroom will not transfer over to entrepreneurial environments.

Being smart today is a commodity; it is a trait for which recruiters and employers search to hire. The greatest success stories of entrepreneurship -- including Google and FedEx -- were not created because of someone's intelligence; they were the result of huge risks and an openness to failure.

Brody's entrepreneurial qualities speech highlight two invaluable traits for entrepreneurship -- the ability to identify what someone wants to do with his or her life and pure, unadulterated tenacity.