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William Ackman

William Ackman Keynotes - William Ackman's keynotes focus on finance, business and investment. More commonly known as Bill... Need Inspiration?

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In this comprehensive business finance keynote, William Ackman gives a step by step guide to starting a business and attracting investors.

In this keynote, he starts with four main points: how a business works, how business generates profit, how to raise capital to start a company and how to monetize your business investment. To achieve this, he uses the simple example of a lemonade stand.

This starter's guide to building a business continues to explain the concepts of business shares and business loans. While Ackman advocates looking for an initial investor, he says it is best to borrow money to start your business if you still need more. Borrowing the money and paying it back with interest is better than giving away more of the business shares, according to Ackman.