Bob Thurman

Bob Thurman Keynotes - The Robert Alexander Farrar Thurman speeches break down initial preconceived notions on Buddhism.... Need Inspiration?

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The introduction to compassion is the first step towards achieving an inter-connectivity with peace, according to Bob Thurman in his Buddhism speech.

Everything in a person’s life is interconnected, according to Thurman. The world has transformed itself into being a widely connected structure. People are able to discover and acquire knowledge from every corner of the world. This worldwide interconnectivity is the step towards a global Buddha nature. 

The egocentric perception is what people hold onto. The ideology of individuality is rampant and is causing a great detriment according to Thurman. By discovering compassion, a person can discover means of acknowledging one’s self. This allows for individuals to connect with another person, enabling them to experience a whole new part of life.