Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins Keynotes - The Clinton Richard Dawkins keynotes discuss the irrelevancy of religion in society. Dawkins is... Need Inspiration?

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Richard Dawkins urges non-religious people into commandeering actions in his atheism belief speech. The debate between creationism and atheism has propelled society to diverge into two secular belief groups, with atheism perceived as an amoral belief group.

In his atheism belief speech, Dawkins says that the reason for the disagreements between the two groups are based on non-scientific prejudice placed upon atheism by creationist. Creationism is a tool that politicians and people with power use to forward their own political agenda according to Dawkins. Dawkins implores atheists to make their beliefs more public and battle the constant integration of religion in politics and education.

Religion holds a detrimental facet to it that constantly restrains the progressive nature of society according to Dawkins.