John Gerzema

John Gerzema Keynotes - The John Gerzema speeches focus on the shift in consumer behavior, and the impact it is having on... Need Inspiration?

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According to John Gerzema's brand speech, Wall Street feels that brands are worth more than the consumers themselves. They feel that all brands are growing and valuable.

John's research suggests this assumption by Wall Street is untrue. Consumers don't love brands as much as they used to as he has discovered massive erosion of customer opinion over a variety of categories on brands.

John Gerzema feels that in order to avoid this, brands need to keep being different which he calls energized differentiation. Brands also need to follow the methodology that brands are not places, they are directions. Brands most continue to evolve or they will reach peril. His brand speech ends by expressing that talking to the consumer is the best way to combat this.