Marc Shillum

Marc Shillum Keynotes - Marc Shillum's keynotes delve into the issues of branding coherence among companies and the... Need Inspiration?

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Marc Shillum's brand relevancy keynote delves into why brand communication is a relevant factor in a company's success. The digital world has changed how people perceive company brands; its digital context is just as important as the products the company offers.

For companies to be relevant to people, the products that companies offer should be relevant, according to Shillum. A brand is an interface, which the consumer uses to relay how they feel about the product, which then extends to how they feel about the company. Consistency is an important factor in a successful company or product, but a product can be consistent and irrelevant at the same time.

Shillum considers the consistency of communication and development of a company's product as the key factors in its success. If a product isn't consistent or frequent, then it becomes obsolete.