Alexander Blass

Alexander Blass Keynotes - Keynotes by Alexander Blass focus on the need to embrace "uncommon sense" and unlikely ideas in... Need Inspiration?

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Today's economies and markets are as unpredictable and unstable as they have ever been in all of the world's history and innovator Alexander Blass believes that the key to coping with these conditions lies in accepting and embracing them.

Throughout his speech, he encourages his audience to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. He suggests that innovators need to work with uncommon sense and to avoid getting hung up on plans that go astray. Blass argues that regret is worse than failure in entrepreneurship because it represents missed opportunities and potentially valuable lessons. It's better to put one's idea into practice and fail than to avoid risks and end up feeling regretful. He urges his audience to stop looking at what makes sense today and to start looking at what will be needed tomorrow.