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Steve Shapiro

Steve Shapiro Keynotes - The Steve Shapiro speeches are steeped in motivational tips on innovation in a large corporation.... Need Inspiration?

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Innovation expert Steve Shapiro believes that rocket science may not always be as difficult as people perceive or make it out to be. Addressing an audience of accomplished scientists, the speaker states that the best solutions to one’s challenges often reside in unrelated areas that can be found outside of their field.

The speaker examines experts and explains how expertise often gets in the way of creativity. He encourages a simpler way of thinking, allowing one to connect the dots and to view life through different angles. Shapiro encourages NASA’s rocket scientists to think outside of the box looking for inspiration and solution within art, design, music and other creative outlets.

Believing that innovation is about connecting the dots, Steven Shapiro urges experts to forget about complexity and to embrace simple solutions.