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Alex Steffen

Alex Steffen Keynotes - Alex Steffen's keynotes take on the subject of a visionary outlook on the future. As the co-founder... Need Inspiration?

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Alex Steffen, one of today's leaders in the fight against climate change, shares his insight into creating a sustainable future for the increasingly urbanizing planet. Alex Steffen's speech explains how the solution for climate change is much simpler than people perceive; he believes cities can reduce emissions by one hundred percent by transforming the way humans use spaces that already exist. Alex Steffen believes that urban buildings can be used more efficiently by ensuring that infrastructures work directly with the world's ecosystems. He describes how sunlight and the world's natural water supplies can be used for heating and electricity. Alex Steffen envisions a future free of cars, populated by communities living in a way that can be entirely sustained by systems and infrastructures in tune with the planet's natural cycle.