Wendy Suzuki

Wendy Suzuki Keynotes - Keynote speeches by Wendy Suzuki focus on the exploration of new findings regarding brain activity...

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Wendy Suzuki discusses the benefits of increased aerobic exercise on the brain in this aerobics and memory keynote. Brain is the only structure that can think about itself, it is able to learn, grow and change as a product of the environment.

Suzuki became interested in the ability for exercise to improve the functions of the hippocampus when she started going to intensati. Intensati combines various physical movements with the utterance of positive spoken affirmation.

The hippocampus is in charge of long-term memory and learning and produces more cells as a result of increased aerobic exercise. Because memory and learning is increased so too is the possibility for putting together new concepts in unique ways, the basis for creativity and imagination. Exercise and its effect on creativity is still being studied but the benefits of aerobic activities has proven to go beyond physical health by having a favorable impact on the brain.