Zooids by Asron Ansarov are Portraits of Portuguese Man O’

 - Apr 25, 2013
References: ansarov & fastcodesign
Zooids by Asron Ansarov, a photographer born and based in Florida, is a photo series revolving around the Portuguese Man O’ War. A strange name for an equally strange sea creature, it is a jellyfish-like marine cnidarian that also boasts venomous tentacles that can deliver a nasty sting. Much more colorful than its 'cousin,' the Portuguese Man O’ War lends itself to some captivating and vibrant portraits.

Likened to natural ink blots, Zooids by Asron Ansarov showcases the sea creature's effervescent beauty. With the help of his wife, Anasarov collects the Bluebottles and brings them home to photograph on top of a light table. He writes, "[S]oon after the first shots I began to notice how air bubbles looked like eyes, and tentacles started looking like facial expressions. So once I began to mirror them, it was as if I revealed faces as clear as day."