Rent by the Hour - Parking, Gas & Insurance Included

 - Jul 6, 2006
References: zipcar
With rental cars scattered in parking lots throughout the city, ZipCar is a COOL company that is redefining how you rent a car. Unlike a rental car company, you phone (or use the web), choose a parking lot in the city, and schedule your car for the hour. It can be a Mini Cooper, BMW, or even a Prius. Walk up to the car, swipe your card, and it's yours... No need to pay for gas, insurance, or parking because it is all included. Wow.

The company claims that 30% of their customers have sold their own cars because ZipCar is so convenient (and SO much cheeper - especially for Yuppies). Zip Cars are located in almost a dozen cities throughout North America... will the trend continue?