The Zimoun Packing Paper Installation Focuses on a Sea of Sound

 - Feb 14, 2014
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Although unintentionally so, there is a creepy quality about the Zimoun Packing Paper art installation. While some people may simply see a sea of brown packing paper gently rippling in its own unique way, others might visualize large snaking creatures under its surface that is making it move so. Whatever the case may be, it is undeniable that the Zimoun Packing Paper art installation is mesmerizing.

Made up of 43 prepared dc-motors and 31.5 kilograms of packing paper, the Zimoun Packing Paper art installation is the latest sound experiment by the Bern-based artist. Located at the Orbital Garden in Switzerland, the effect is an otherworldly and eerie effect. While normally such rustling sounds would be soothing, that is not the case here.