Zero-Emission Babcock Ranch in Florida Models Eco Sustainablity

 - Apr 15, 2009
References: miamiherald
The Babcock Ranch in Florida will be developed on 17,000 acres, include 19,500 residential units, 6 million SF commercial space, and aspires to be a net-zero emissions solar-powered city.

The development is just a portion of a 91,000-acre parent property that was purchased by Syd Kitson and Morgan Stanley in 2006.

According to Hemisphere Real Estate, "Among the property’s assets are: an active rock mine with permits to mine until the year 2030; a 10,000-acre watershed that can pump 70 million gallons of freshwater per day; and a wilderness tour facility with approximately 50,000 visitors per year."

Developers hope to make this a demonstration model for future developments throughout the country.

Babcock Ranch will have an integrated ‘smart grid’ that lets power users monitor and control their energy consumption.

Subject to approvals, ground-breaking will take place in late 2009.

See the Jocks as Eco Activists article for more information about the people behind the purchase of this property.