The Frijj ‘You LOL You Lose' Game Looks for Laughter

The comedic potential of face recognition technology is explored in the Frijj ‘You LOL You Lose’ website. Designed to promote the company’s three new flavors of milkshakes, the site plays the best of YouTube "fail" videos, using viewers’ webcams to track their facial expressions. If the viewer laughs, the game stops, with the goal being to keep a straight face for as long as possible. The British beverage company has also installed Facebook and Twitter plugins, to allow for results and screenshots to easily be shared with friends.

I’m sure the Frijj ‘You LOL You Lose’ is one of the first of many new advertisements and websites that will use facial recognition to interact with viewers. The inventive site is a lot of fun and is definitely worth checking out—just make sure you don’t have a mouthful of milk at the time, to avoid any spit-takes.