The You and Me Table Can Be Used for Ping-Pong Games or Regular Work

 - May 23, 2014
References: & gizmodo
Desks are generally associated with offices, classrooms and other not-so-fun places, but the You And Me Table aims to change that, converting desks into an object of entertainment and fun.

The You And Me Table is designed to operate as a fully functional table tennis service complete with a net, but can also be used to do regular desk stuff like work, study and creative pursuits. The central marker in the middle of the desk is discreet, and so doesn't look like an eyesore when the desk is being used as a regular desk.

A nifty side drawer allows you to stash away the net, paddles and balls when they're not in use.

The You And Me Table is designed by Barcelona's Antoni Palleja Office, and is available from the RS BBarcelona online store.