Designer Yaroslav Misonzhnikov Created These Modifiable Candle Holders

 - May 9, 2014
References: misonzhnikov & design-milk
This adjustable candle holder is an ingeniously design element created by Russian inventor Yaroslav Misonzhnikov. Known as the 'Odnosvechnik,' this adjustable candle votive cleverly keeps the flame at the same height no matter how far down you burn the candle.

The Odnosvechnik was creatively inspired by ancient Russian marble appliances used thousands of years ago. This long, cylindrical votive is made from elegant white marble. Inside the holder is a wooden peg that holds the candle up while it burns. As the candle diminishes in size, you can adjust the wooden peg along a series of indentations along the front of the votive. This way, no matter how short your candle becomes you can keep the flame burning at the same height throughout the evening by simply adjusting the wooden peg.