Yanko Design Recorder Pen Can Share Your Words While You Write

 - Jan 17, 2012
References: yankodesign
Schedules can now be recorded on paper and still be viewed later on your mobile device or desktop computer with the Yanko Design Recorder Pen. This magical device will give well-wishers of the written word less worry for losing or forgetting material they've noted down in the past. This pen takes what one writes and converts it into a file that can be sent to your mobile device or computer through Bluetooth connection, making it much easier to track thoughts and schedules.

This product is amazing as it does not require much deviance from the usual practices of writing. The Yanko Design Recorder pen will quietly work alongside the writer, simply taking note of everything that is being written and then submit a digital copy to another device at the writer's will (all the writer must do is press the Bluetooth button) for later review. The pen features laser technology at its tip that follows the trajectory of the nib's movement and uses the information to create the digital copy.

This product will put the mind at ease when needing to make quick notes by erasing any worry of losing the written material. A surefire way to get people back into writing while ensuring the safety of their words!