'Xylem' by Angelo Musco Show Humankind's Deep Connection with the Planet

 - Nov 14, 2011
References: angelomusco & mymodernmet
The artwork simply titled Xylem by Angelo Musco is absolutely breathtaking. Created by the same artist who brought us the stunning mosaic of swarming human bodies, this particular one is slightly more earthy. That's because it takes on the image of a tree, or more specifically, a tree's roots. The word 'xylem' conveniently means 'wood' in classical Greek.

Xylem by Angelo Musco shows humankind's deep connection, quite literally, with the planet. Of course, trees symbolize such things as fertility, security, interconnection and historical roots or ancestry. Therefore, this work of art encourages its audience to reflect on these ideas in addition to their relationship with the environment around them.

Xylem by Angelo Musco is set to debut at the Pulse Art Fair during Art Basel Miami Beach.