The Xbox 360 9mm Bullet Button Controller Draws Style from Shooters

 - May 12, 2012
References: etsy & geekologie
The Xbox 360 9mm Bullet Button Controller from DieselLaceDesign is a must-have for hardcore online gamers. As the Call of Duty games dominate the world of Massive Online Multiplayer Arenas, the craze with modern warfare-related gaming continues to impact contemporary culture.

This modified Xbox controller uses the shell-casings from 9mm bullets and inserts them into the place of the gaming remote's D-Pad. The aesthetics of the controller will undoubtedly impress fans of the shooter genre, while simultaneously making it hard to convince concerned parents that one is able to distinguish between videogame and real-life violence.

Perhaps best used as a collectable, the Xbox 360 9mm Bullet Button Controller may be hard on one's fingers after several hours of online domination.