The X2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack Provides Ample Power When Below the Surface

 - Oct 2, 2015
References: indiegogo & uncrate
There are definitely many people out there that are eagerly anticipating the day when jetpacks are readily available from their local department store, but until that day comes there's the X2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack to help provide a whole lot of extra power under the sea. Featuring two thrusters that are attached to each arm, the X2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack allow optimal movement underwater without the need to exert any human power.

The accompanying backpack with the X2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack straps to the wearers chest and back to provide power to the device while in use. Speeds at up to 6mph can be reached at a maximum depth of 30-feet, although the innovative design clearly shows promise of becoming even more capable in the future.