X-Fit Body Trainer Ads Reveal a Potbelly, Not a Baby Bump

 - Mar 12, 2011
References: bleublancrouge & adverbox
Try as you may to wish it was something else, but if you refuse to take responsibility for your potbelly in the way that the man in the X-Fit Body Trainer ads has, an obstetrician won't give the the help you need.

The Western world's modern lifestyle is far from conducive to good health, so perhaps with the common chemical intake, a man very well could conceive a child! Categorically impossible due to a lack of certain body parts in the least, male pregnancy still seems to be a more comforting alternative for this poor guy than to admit he is overweight.

Designed by the Bleublancrouge advertising agency, the X-Fit Body Trainer ads tackle the biggest obstacle towards ending obesity: denial.