The WWF Trees Save Wildlife Campaign Urges People to Take Care of the Ecosystem

 - Feb 27, 2014
References: & adeevee
The WWF Trees Save Wildlife ad campaign is comprised of stunning visuals that depict just how connected certain animals are to their ecosystems, which are currently being threatened by global warming and deforestation practices. Providing shelter, food and more, the slow elimination of forests and jungles could have drastic results on various species. In fact, they already are.

Conceived and executed by the advertising school Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art based in Mumbai, India, the WWF Trees Save Wildlife ad campaign worked on by Yashika Shah. It envisions a gibbon, leopard, tiger, crane, red panda, elephant and nilgiri as the roots of a tree, which is being watered by a person in a generous and caring manner. People need to embrace this attitude more.