'WUKA Period Wear' Offers a Hygienic Replacement for Tampons

 - Dec 27, 2017
References: wuka & producthunt
Tampons aren't particularly environmentally friendly, producing a large amount of waste, so 'WUKA Period Wear' lets women concerned with the environment have a better option while they're menstruating. The underwear gives women the option to forgo tampons altogether, using a hygienic combination of fabrics to contain wearers' flows while still washing out completely after being worn.

WUKA Period Wear is made from four layers of fabric with anti-bacterial protection. The innermost and outermost layers are made of soft, breathable modal fabric that is just as luxurious as a normal high-end pair of underwear. The central layer is then further divided in two: the layer closer to the wearer is absorbent, holding up to four tampons of blood, while the next layer is a leak-proof material to prevent any spreading.