The WTF, Clothes? Blog Bites Ferociously at High Fashion

 - Mar 3, 2012
References: wtfclothes
The WTF, Clothes? blog is a gut-splitting collection of commentary on more than curious couture. The author outright destroys designs with verbal rants and a vulgar tongue. The commentary works in conjunction with pop culture jabs and wickedly witty attacks on too-serious models.

This blog is the bible for any hipster-hating, art school drop-out despising human being. The writer writes in all caps, emphasizing the fury and passion felt during the rampage against civilization. Such phrases of utter distaste include "You f**king bacon-soaked galaxy of a human being." Another favorite is, "Prada presents some f**ked up training boot for the well-to-do, socially ascendant serial killer in your life."

Violent and vicious, this blog satisfies any skeptic of the fashion world.