The 'Would You Be My Miracle?' Exhibit for Natalie Shau and Paolo Guido

 - Jun 19, 2011
References: natalieshaurbonmade & mymodernmet
There is a common connection made between dolls and childish items; however, this 'Would You Be My Miracle?' exhibition changes all that. This doll exhibit showcases the work of artists Natalie Shau and Paolo Guido. The exhibition is located at Dorothy’s Circus Gallery in Rome.

Each of these intricate doll creations is sure to shine in this digital museum of art. Artists and art lovers alike can find peaceful escape in the digitalized eyes of these doll figurines.

WhiteZine had this to say about the Would You Be My Miracle?' exhibition: "As always, Shau’s work is interestingly beautiful; a gorgeous combination of futuristic details and Victorian subjects. She does not stray far from her unique twist on things. What a talent!"