Ecosse Heretic Titanium

 - Nov 19, 2007
A quick glance at its features and you'll understand why the Ecosse Heretic Titanium is the world's most expensive bike! To begin with, the engine is made from a solid block of billet aluminum, with parts such as, a race-spec crankshaft, a supercharger, intercooler and fuel injection.

The 2147 cc engine pumps out 207bhp and an equally hefty 218ftlb of torque. There are other unique attributes in the machine is its hand built titanium chassis, designed by specially qualified titanium welders, molding the infamously expensive metal into frames.

The list of its custom-made parts seems never ending, the custom-made ISRs brakes, race-spec carbon fibred bodywork formed in an autoclave, and an expensive BRM chronograph watch matching each bike, just to name a few.

The materials used to manufacture this beauty are lightweight and thus assist in cutting down the weight of the product to 192kg!