'@ppreciate' is a Website That Sends Out Words of Encouragement

 - Aug 2, 2013
References: appreciateamate & swiss-miss
'@ppreciate' is a website designed to look like an app on a smartphone designed to send words of encouragement to friends and coworkers. Although there are people on the Internet determined to make others feel badly about themselves or the work they produce, sites like these help to remind that there are people with good intentions online.

The site allows users to scroll left and right through a series of pre-made font graphics, letting them customize font and background color. When finished, users can share their creations on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, or send a message directly to a particular individual. This site is a sweet way to send words of encouragement like "You're the coolest person I've ever met" and "Don't give up, champ" for those days when you know someone could use a boost.