The Wooden Gem Stool is a Side Table and Seat from a Sustainable Stump

 - Jul 13, 2012
References: & swiss-miss
There are as many ways to use this lovely Wooden Gem Stool as there are facets on the contemporary carpentered object. Made from ethically acquired timber and treated to emphasize the tree's gorgeous organic features, this playful piece will warm up any interior space.

The talented women from Faraway House in Melbourne, Australia, have brought out this unique lumber boulder to behave as a mod earthy sculpture and a fetching functional object. You can set down and roll the big jagged ball onto any of its irregular sanded sides to discover a flat and level surface for sitting and placing objects.

An ottoman, a footstool and a side table can all be found in the various faces of the Wooden Gem Stool. You'd be sure to find a use for the richly textured and carefully crafted piece in every single room of the house.