Karoline Kroiss Uses Minimal Backgrounds in Her Woman Portrait Art

 - Mar 26, 2013
References: karolinekroiss.de & faithistorment
Karoline Kroiss is not trying to glorify or idolize the ladies in her paintings; rather, she uses her woman portrait artwork to show a more sentimental depiction of a typical female.

Often using an over-the-shoulder perspective with the women focused on something else, looking away from the viewer, the artist gives a candid view of her subjects. With no discernible facial features in sight, the brunette pictured could be almost anyone. Not really up to much, the subjects are lounging, reading books, painting lines on the walls or daydreaming, caught in a moment of relaxation and unguarded in their actions.

With a quiet and almost blank background, this woman portrait series puts focus on the females.