The W/ME Wristband Aims to Keep You Balanced

 - Jun 24, 2013
References: news.discovery
The W/ME wristband, developed by Mountain View start-up Phyode, targets not only consumers of mental health services, but anyone else who wants to keep tabs on how well they are feeling, or should be feeling. It tracks your emotional health while monitoring moods and offering suggestions if you appear to be feeling a little "unbalanced."

The system uses a medical-grade sensor called the "life spectrum analyzer" to monitor the body’s entire nervous system, capturing electrical impulses. Then the results are sent to your smartphone application, which will guide you through your current mental state to see where you have been most passive, angry, or pessimistic.

It might be helpful to have such a gadget to keep you on track if people, places, or things tend to get you down in the dumps.