WiseButton Remotely Controls Smartphones and Laptops

 - Mar 11, 2014
References: wisebutton & indiegogo
WiseButton is a keychain-sized device that can be synced with smartphones, laptops, tablets and music players and remotely control them. With WiseButton, you can browse through files and websites on Internet-connected devices without having to touch them. You can even remotely capture photos, videos and sound and control music-playing options from a distance.

WiseButton also doubles as a security device. It has an alarm option that alerts you when your device is more than 20 feet away. You can use the WiseButton and your primary device to locate each other, in case one of them goes missing.

WiseButton also comes with tracking stickers that can be attached to valuables so that they never go missing. Simply stick it on your wallet, your kid’s backpack or your dog’s collar and worry no more.

Designs for the WiseButton range from bright, fruity colors targeted towards youth and more dusky, classic styles for grown-ups.