The Drop Dock is Compatible with Androids and iPhones

 - May 17, 2016
References: facebook & theverge
The 'Drop Dock' is a brand specializing in wireless phone chargers which are compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. The device is made to allow for universal and effortless charging, free of any wires or pesky extra plug-ins.

The magnetic charger makes it so consumers are able to efficiently charge their phone in the dark -- a problem well-known to those who spend their time flipping around their iOS chargers until they finds a connection. What makes the Drop Dock stand out from other wireless phone chargers is its ability to connect with different models of phones as well as its simplistic design that make it so users do not have to take off their phone case to use it.

The Drop Dock comes with an adapter that needs to be inserted into the power socket of the phone in order to connect. From there, the connector can be adjusted to incorporate the phone's case.