Makani Power's Wing 7 Flies Around the Skies Gathering Wind Energy

 - Oct 11, 2011
References: makanipower & gizmag
Makani Power is making it easier to generate wind energy with Wing 7. Wing 7 is a flying wind turbine designed to fly at high altitudes where the wind is at its most powerful and abundant.

Wing 7 takes off vertically and has a cruising altitude of around 1,300 feet. Once Wing 7 has reached its cruising altitude, the wing begins flying like a kite in horizontal sweeping patterns. The energy generated is transferred down the Wing 7's tether and stored in a power box below. Currently the turbine is capable of generating 20 kilowatts of power per hour, but the team is working on a new design that could fly as high as 1,800 feet and generate 1 megawatt of power. If everything goes well, the team hopes to bring the Wing 7 to the commercial market by 2015.