The Wine-Tasting E-Tongue Boasts a Supremely Sensitive Palate

 - Jul 29, 2011
References: physorg & dvice
It takes a refined set of taste buds to detect the subtle flavors of quality vino, and pretty soon this Wine-Tasting E-Tongue will be able to name notes better than even the most experienced connoisseurs.

A team of scientists at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona are working on an algorithm by which the electronic tongue can judge and classify any type of the fermented grape alcohol based on the concentration of sugar in a sip. So far, the invention is not yet capable of distinguishing a merlot from a cabernet sauvignon, but more research may achieve that.

The Wine-Tasting E-Tongue chip will thus be the perfect accessory to hide on the cap of your tooth when visiting vineyards or impressing colleagues at an open bar.

Photo Credits: Antonio Baffetto