Wine Ice Cream by Mercer's Dairy May Get Some Light Drinkers Buzzed

American-based company Mercer's Dairy focuses on uncorking the classy wines and transforming them into creamy desserts like the company's wine ice cream. Available in popular flavors like Red Raspberry Chardonnay, Cherry Merlot, Port, Chocolate Cabernet and Peach White Zinfandel, Mercer's dairy infuses fancy wines with traditional dessert items like chocolate and fruit, creating a fine concoction of elegant balance in its silky soft ice cream.

While this wine ice cream is a dessert, consumers should be warned that the wine ice cream does, in fact, around 5% in alcohol content, which means that light drinkers may actually get buzzed or even tipsy after eating this and depending on how much some plan to pile on top of those fluffy waffles, driving after this may not be a good idea.