Bark Vineyards

 - Feb 2, 2008
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If you've ever found yourself drinking alone (which has happened to me on occasion) and you have a dog that sits staring at you while you sip your favourite chardonnay, you'll no longer be destined to imbibe alone thanks to Bark Vineyards Wine for Dogs. Now you and your dog can get ripped out of your minds and sing your blues away. Just kidding.

Bark Vineyards wine is non-alcoholic and more of a liquid flavour enhancer for dry food. However, it does come in cleverly labeled bottles such as, Barkundy, and White Sniff-n-Tail, as well with your bottle you get a personalized “Licker Licence”.

Oh and don't feel left out if you don't have a dog. There is also Meowlot for your feline friends.

Using FDA-approved manufacturer with human-grade ingredients you can get your pooch plastered for just $22: “But hey, that's more than I spend on my wine!”

“I'm sure your pup could use a drink more than you every once in awhile.”

If your K9 isn't into wine, here is an alternative: