The Dutch Wind Wheel Aims to Encourage Eco Buildings in Rotterdam

 - Dec 19, 2015
References: dutchwindwheel & wallpaper
The Dutch Wind Wheel is a futuristic building that is currently being designed by architects 'DoepelStrijkers' and two Rotterdam-based companies called 'Meysters' and 'BLOC.'

This unique building aims to bring together sustainable architecture with futuristic technologies. The building itself is conceptualized to be made of two vertically standing rings that carry out two different functions. The first, inner ring will be used to house 72 residents, a sky restaurant and hotel along with commercially used spaces. The second ring will be made of 40 rotating cabins on a rail system -- similar to a Ferris wheel.

The goal of The Dutch Wind Wheel is to transform Rotterdam into a clean technology and environmentally friendly city. The structure will not only "work like an ecosystem in itself but it will also be entirely energy-neutral and connected to a smart grid for surplus energy."