From Air Purifying Phones to Cascading Air Purifiers

 - Jul 29, 2011
The air of tomorrow is probably going to get a lot dirtier before it starts becoming cleaner. Thankfully, designers are hard at work creating futuristic air filters to combat the highly toxic air that is sure to envelop earth's citizens.

Hybrids, electric cars and alternative-fuel vehicles are starting to slowly catch on among the masses, but I still think I'm going to equip my home with more than a few of these futuristic air filters. Each of these air filters is designed to both look and work better than the ones out today, with many looking more like works of art than air-purifying appliances. That may sound like a stretch, but check out the Twilight Air Purifier before you even think about trying to call my bluff. That, my friends, is functional art at its finest.