Wim Wenders Captures 'Places Strange and Quiet'

 - Apr 21, 2011
References: wim-wenders & fastcodesign
Although Wim Wenders may be better known as a cultishly popular German director, he has taken up the camera to extend his artistic expression into the realm of photography. Given that film and photography are closely related, it should come as no surprise that Wim Wenders has decided to dabble in it.

Of course, as a successful artist, Wim Wenders wouldn't just dabble. His photographs are already part of a new solo show titled Places Strange and Quiet located at the Haunch of Venison gallery in London, England.

The title itself aptly describes Wim Wenders's arresting work. Full of moody and, at times, whimsical landscapes, his work brings his eye for lighting and composition from film to photography. If you are not familiar with Wim Wenders tastes, you will be now.