The Willcom Pillow Phone Gives Pillow Talk New Meaning

 - Dec 7, 2011
References: gizmodiva
It is simply lovely to hear sweet nothings whispered in your ear when you're cozily resting on your pillow, and with the Willcom Pillow Phone, that is now a reality. The device is a pillow with a built-in phone and designed by the Japanese company Wilcom.

This insanely convenient cushion phone is perfect for teenagers who spend so much time on the phone anyway. It's a simple concept but one that will resonate with today's youth. The Willcome Pillow Phone does seem like something that would have exploded years ago, before texting and social media has taken over and real conversations were the norm, but no matter because this piece rocks regardless. Love-struck teenagers held apart by distance can fall asleep now with their partner's sweet words in their ear. Perfect.