Leave Wilhelm Alone Looks to Retire the Wilhelm Scream

 - Mar 15, 2014
References: dejadenpazawilhelm & adweek
The Wilhelm scream is the most widely used and noticed stock scream sound effect used in Hollywood. Having been used in over 200 movies the Wilhelm scream adds to the movie goers' enjoyment.

For one woman hearing the Wilhelm scream does not add to her enjoyment. In fact, she is unable to watch movies at all. Linda Dotson Wooley avoids movies because she does not want to risk hearing the Wilhelm scream because of the fact that it is the scream of her late husband Sheb Wooley. For her, it is painful to remember her husband by the sound of him screaming.

The Leave Wilhelm Alone project was set up to create to help Linda regain the joy of movies. The projects purpose is to create a database of screams to be used in all the movies that are pumped out of Hollywood. With the end result of having the Wilhelm scream retired. The 'Canal+' tv channel published a commercial telling Linda's story and introducing the contest that you can enter to become the next Wilhelm scream. The winning scream has the opportunity to replace the Wilhelm scream in all movies.