Oksana Bondar Designs the Wiggy Stool Using Hair and Plastic

 - Jul 17, 2018
References: oksanabondar & dezeen
Oksana Bondar is a recent Kingston School of Art graduate and her most recent project is the Wiggy stool, which is made to be seated by a dressing table. Bondar uses human hair to construct the Wiggy in order to highlight the design potential of the material. It combines human hair with Polylactic Acid, which is a biodegradable plastic material crafted from either sugar cane or cornstarch in order to formulate a solidified texture. The actual structure of the Wiggy stool is designed to resemble the traditional dressing table seats that can be found within theatrical boudoirs.

Bondar wanted to show that hair is nothing but a waste product, and to make the stool, she gathered three weeks worth of hair from local London hair salons. The shape of the seat was made to produce the least amount of waste as she followed a circular economy method -- the piece would be regenerative and restorative rather than the typical industrial model of "take, make, and dispose."