The WhoIsLive Plug-In Lets You Chat With Anyone on Any Website

 - Jul 27, 2011
References: whoislive & dvice
I can't decide exactly how I feel about the new WhoIsLive plug-in. WhoIsLive lets you chat on any website on the Internet with anyone else who has the plug-in regardless of if you know them or not.

The WhoIsLive plug-in is probably the only plug-in that could go from awesome to awkward in a matter of seconds. The plug-in is awesome because it lets you meet people who are into the same sites as you are and converse with them in real-time. The plug-in could also lead to some awkward situations as you try to explain to you your significant other why you were visiting a porn website or to your boss as to why you were checking up on your fantasy football team during work hours. WhoIsLive is available for download now and is currently available for FireFox and Internet Explorer (eight and higher) with a Chrome version in the works.