White Rhinoceros is Stylishly Convenient

 - Jul 23, 2009
References: kibardindesign & freshome
Imagine the handiness of having your fresh towels hung directly on your bathroom wall, the ease of never worrying about that ancient towel rack collapsing under the weight of your wet ones. Such is the ‘White Rhinoceros,’ Vadin Kibardin’s clever alternative to the plain ceramic overlay. 

Pictured to the right, consider it the crossbreed between the traditional towel hook and Rachel and Monica’s bathroom flooring. It holds the same usefulness as setting your coffee to brew at 7 AM and starting your car before your trek to work in the morning, as well as that annoying air of "Why didn’t I think of that?"

This nifty creation, as rad as it is, unfortunately remains unavailable for purchase, as Kibardin is still looking to have the tile mass produced.