Pampers' 99.1 FM Plays a White Noise Sound to Soothe Newborns

 - Jan 9, 2015
References: creativecriminals
In order to provide babies (and subsequently, moms) with a way to fall into a peaceful sleep, Pampers set up a radio station that only broadcasts a white noise sound.

Time and time again, white noise has been scientifically proven to be a pleasing sound to babies, since it tends to mimic the comforting atmosphere of the womb. While Pampers acknowledges that this kind of technology has been around for ages, and that there are already a number of dedicated stations for white noise, branding 99.1 FM as 'ZZZ Radio,' a dedicated station for babies offered an affordable way for Filipino moms to turn on radio static, without having to shell out hundreds of dollars for a white noise machine.